Thank you for visiting the Mayfield Academy website.

Mayfield Academy is an independent, private, Christian school using the facility of Christ Community Church, located at 14 South Congress Parkway, in Athens, TN.  The 2016-2017 schedule calls for classes to begin August 2016.  Currently the school offers elementary grades starting with Kindergarten through 6th Grade and will have an expansion plan to add a grade levels each year through 12th grade and eventually offer Daycare and Preschool.

Mayfield Academy is a faith-based, multi-cultural Appalachian school in the Biblical Berean tradition.  The school is Appalachian in the sense that the traditional values and culture of Appalachia influence its educational focus.  Berean tradition refers to the school’s work-study approach incorporated in the educational process.  Mayfield Academy specializes in teaching academics in the environment of the trades and traditions of Appalachia while incorporating knowledge of and respect for all of God’s creation.

The goals of Mayfield Academy include the following:

  1. To produce students capable of critical thinking, moral reflection, and thoughtful action,
  2. To provide students with hands-on learning experiences through work and community service, in order to demonstrate that all labor, both mental and manual, develops dignity as well as usefulness,
  3. To provide an educational environment that develops the social and behavioral skills of individuals along with mutual respect and the ability to collaborate with others,
  4. To develop in students, an understanding of and appreciation for all peoples through grace, dignity, and respect.

The students of Mayfield Academy add to basic educational skills of reading, writing, and mathematics, with science and history, such life skills as, gardening, cooking, sewing, auto maintenance, and basic home improvement.  They also learn about business and trades through guest volunteers from the local community.

Our students learn in the Mayfield Method developed our founder. Our founder’s educational experience includes these settings: Montessori, Metro Atlanta public schools, rural Appalachian public schools, Charlotte Mason homeschooling and research in Old Order Amish schools and community. A wealth of background sources and knowledge are brought into this innovative educational approach.

It is the goal of the school’s administration to serve all families equally and to be able to offer a quality education to students of all socio-economic backgrounds.  Student tuition is kept at a minimum.   It is imperative that the school maintain funding in addition to student tuition.  Mayfield Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit school.

Mayfield Academy needs your help to meet these important goals.  A faith-based, multi-cultural Appalachian school  offers McMinn County and surrounding area families a vital option in education.  Our values and our traditions should be passed on to another generation in an environment for all of the Lord’s children and their families.

May the LORD bless you and keep you today and always.