What Mayfield Academy Is:


First, and foremost, Mayfield Academy’s foundation is firmly set in timeless, Biblical scripture in the Judeo/Christian tradition.

Then three pillars of education are firmly set upon the foundation of faith through study, practice, and application.

Last, but not least, a solid roof to protect and provide lifelong character and perseverance through Mayfield Academy’s mission statement:  . . . but as for me and my house will serve the Lord!  (Joshua 24:15)

The Mayfield Method’s Three Pillars of Learning

First Pillar: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

  • —  Strong classical participatory curriculum with the emphasis on mastery
  • —  Grammar (fundamental rules of content areas)
  • —  Logic (learning to think through an ordered relationship in all content areas)
  • —  Rhetoric (clear expression in articulation and with the written word)
  • —  Quadrivium (the study of number):  astronomy (moving), music (applied), geometry (stationary), and arithmetic (pure)
  • —  Great Books with hands-on experience and application

Second Pillar: In the end, we really only retain from our studies that which we apply in a practical way. J.W. Goethe

  • —  Vocational/Life Skills
  • —  Practical and Lifelong
  • —  Specific areas of interest
  • —  Arts
  • —  Agriculture
  • —  Home Life
  • —  Social and Communication
  • —  Sports
  • —  Technology
  • —  Trade Skills

 Third Pillar: Community is like an old coat, you aren’t aware of it until it is taken away.

  • —  Generational (Traditional) Knowledge
  • —  Knowledge of Appalachian Heritage and Culture
  • —  Practical and Common Sense Experiences
  • —  Knowledge of the Relationship between Land, Environment, and Resources
  • —  A Cultural Way of Life through Wisdom and Leadership
  • —  Build Credibility of the LORD’S Purpose to Scholars, Families, and Communities

Mayfield Academy recognizes each child as an individual who, by virtue of his or her humanity, is in community with all the other children in MA, regardless of age. By providing moral and ethical standards, MA prepares its students to accept the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic-republic society that honors and respects its Creator. Every child is capable of achieving his or her potential to the fullest extent when afforded respect, fairness, kindness, discipline and appropriate instruction.